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Empowering & Inspiring at Every Turn

Welcome to the heart of Hi3 – our dedicated team of staff, founders, and advisors. Each member has invested significant time and passion into nurturing this venture, propelling our programs towards substantial impact and success. Our collective stems from a rich tapestry of backgrounds, embodying the diverse spirit we champion within the hospitality industry and beyond.

From seasoned professionals in hospitality, finance, and accounting, to experts in tax, governance, and grant writing, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Agile project managers, human resources specialists, and pioneers in education and training contribute to our dynamic approach to building capacity and fostering innovation. Our commitment to social impact is further enriched by individuals with deep roots in military and veterans affairs, ensuring that our mission honors and engages those who've served.

At the forefront of our vision for the future is our youth advisory board. This vibrant group of young leaders drives our research and listening initiatives, offering fresh perspectives on the future of work. Their candidness and honesty ensure that Hi3 remains attuned to the aspirations and needs of the next generation, making us not just a bridge between the present and the future of the hospitality industry, but also a beacon for change and progress.

Together, we are Hi3 – a diverse, committed, and visionary team, ready to transform the hospitality industry through deep engagement, education, and connection. Join us as we pave the way for a more inclusive, dynamic, and impactful future.

Meet The Team

Our Strategic Partners, Sponsors & Advisors

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