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Leadership isn't enough.
Create. Move. Improve. 

Our Mentors, the architects of their own networks, are also the educators who personify the role modeling behaviors of enthusiasm, opportunity and celebration that every guest, traveler, worker, leader and community deserve.  Making things:better

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The Business of Mentorship in Hospitality
"this has never been done before"

Hi3 operates on a multi-faceted business model designed to support its mission and benefit its members. The organization generates revenue through three primary sources: grants, individual donations, and employer memberships.

Employer memberships provide participating companies with valuable benefits, including access to a talent pipeline, exclusive event tickets, preferred pricing for sponsoring events and leadership camps, as well as access to Hi3's research and industry data and reports. Employers gain direct access to a steady stream of qualified and talented individuals, all of whom hold QHIC certificates, on a monthly and annual basis.

A portion of the revenue generated through employer memberships is shared with the independent Mentors, compensating them for their training efforts and the number of certifications or graduates they guide. Additional income is awarded to Mentors when their QHIC team members secure full-time employment, acknowledging the Mentors' unique and valuable expertise.

Employer members engage with Mentors, acting as a bridge between the employers and QHIC certificate holders. Mentors, supported by Hi3, facilitate informational interviews and introductions between employers and QHIC graduates, similar to how a talent booking agent represents a celebrity. Additionally, Hi3 provides comprehensive support to optimize the professional profiles of QHIC graduates, including their LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and cover letters, while also featuring them on the Hi3 membership page.

The Hi3 mentorship and support extends throughout the careers of QHIC graduates, facilitating their ongoing learning, industry engagement, and upward mobility. As they progress, QHIC graduates are encouraged to become Mentors themselves, building networks of team members they educate and engage. This collaborative effort, supported by Hi3, community leaders, and private donors, advances the hospitality industry together, shaping a brighter future for all involved.

Apply to be a Mentor  +  own your impact, grow the industry

Hi3 is revolutionizing, and catapulting the role of Mentors in the hospitality management and ownership landscape, positioning it as the premier "club" to be part of. This shift replaces traditional roles that may have high financial and political capital but often lack in social and human capital. The Mentor role within Hi3 is distinguished by the highest qualifications and levels of trust, cultivated through extensive experience and expertise. Mentors hold the most influential position in shaping the future of hospitality in the United States for the next 25 years, characterized by a wealth of social capital and a profound impact on the industry.

YOU + YOURS + OURS = immeasurable

Get to Know The Mentors: Global Reach

Join Hi3's Exclusive Mentor Community, a gathering of almost 200 individuals who are dedicated to revolutionizing the hospitality industry.


Membership is open to those who have already built a loyal following of mentees, customers, guests, coworkers, and peers. This is your chance to turn that trust and respect into a lucrative opportunity.


As a member, you become the booking agent for future stars, coveted by owners and executives seeking access to your valuable network.

Hi3 Mentorship Network and Membership is about personal and family income growth, sustainability, and insurance against unforeseen challenges.


Together, we amplify our influence and become an unstoppable force. Hi3 is our common ground.

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