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"all Hi3 programs are infused with the Ikigai Framework with highest value placed on Social Capital and Emotional Intelligence"

What is IKIGAI?

IKIGAI, pronounced as ee-key-guy, is a Japanese concept that blends two words:

"iki" meaning life

 meaning purpose

It's akin to the French concept of "Raison d'être," signifying the reason for one's existence. In essence, it's about having a compelling reason to embrace each new day, rooted in the pursuit of one's true purpose.

While a fulfilling and enduring life is influenced by multiple factors, including a healthy lifestyle, adequate rest, and positive social connections, the Japanese encapsulate the importance of discovering one's purpose with a proverb:

"Only by remaining active will you wish to live for a hundred years."

Many individuals find themselves discontented with their jobs for various reasons – they may lack passion for their work, receive inadequate compensation, or feel that their talents remain untapped, preventing them from making a more significant positive impact on the world.


Now, picture having the ideal job: engaging in work you love, excelling at it, receiving fair compensation, and knowing that the world genuinely needs your contributions.
That's the essence of IKIGAI.

Imagine being Lost in a Forest

Similarly, your
IKIGAI Diagram and Self Awareness
serves as a compact guide, helping individuals visualize their personality, skills, income opportunities, and potential for positive impact in one illustration.

Start with the pink circle for personal interests and traits, the orange for core competencies, the green for work values, and the blue for areas of expertise.


This diagram guides individuals to discover their purpose by harmonizing their passions, skills, values, and knowledge, much like a compass navigating life's possibilities.

"Even when you are by yourself, you are not alone."

Hi3 core message

Navigating in Woods

The Full Story


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Emotional Intelligence

Our approach doesn't just encompass individual growth; it's a harmonious convergence of
- what you love -
- what you're skilled at -
- what the world needs -
- what you can be rewarded for -

Rooted in collaboration, this journey beckons individuals from diverse backgrounds to unite, explore, and contribute within the vibrant tapestry of the hospitality industry.


a recent Hi3 Hospitality Innovator IKIGAI results, from "Profondo"

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