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Hotel & Hospitality Impact Program

8 WEEKS to get QHIC certified!

BECOME: Introduced + Qualified + Verified + Certified
FOREVER: Recommended & Connected

1. Join as Hospitality Innovator

2. Complete Team Member Profile

3. Connect with Hi3 Impact Coach

4. Select Mentor Team, Connect with Mentor

5. Connect Hospitality Employer/Manager/Owner

6. Collaborate to Complete Weekly Projects

7. Final Team Presentation

8. Celebrate, Elevate &  Grow Together

"passing the torch to a new generation"

Designed & Delivered by:
Actual Hotel Managers, Owners & Leadership Trainers who have walked the walk with their boots on the ground.
People seeking an explosion of opportunity, influence, adventure, partnership & knowledge, the Emerging and Existing Leaders of Tomorrow, the future Innovators, Owners, Leaders and Managers & Creators

week 1

Connect with Hi3 & Mentor
Ikigai Test
Understand Emotional Intelligence, Creativity & Innovation

Begin Personal SWOT Analysis

Select Project Market & Connect with Apprenticeship Employer Partner


what you love
what you're skilled at
what the world needs
what you can be rewarded for

week 4

Safety, Security, Risk Management

Sustainability, Energy & Waste Management

Highest & Best Use & Square Footage Analysis

Inspections & Preventative Maintenance

Health & Food Safety Certifications
Emergency Training Certifications
Safety & Security Audits

week 7



Complete: Personal SWOT

Complete Hotel Property SWOT Evaluation (People, Market, Building, Financial)

Final: Building & Health Inspection Certificate

Final: Human Resources Certification

Final: F&B Safety Certification

Final: P&L Comparison and Analysis

week 2

Types of Hotels,

History and Current State
Research, Statistics, Data

Owning, Investing, Franchising
Managing, Working and Organizational Development

Guest Path & Flow of Revenues to Expenses to Profits

week 5



Property Leadership & Human Resources Basics

Management Structure & Retention Review

Leadership & Team Building Best Practices and Community Engagement

Guest Experience, Services and Amenities & Online Review Audits

week 8

A group presentation with the group of innovators and their mentors and employer partners, sharing the results and opinions of the SWOT Analysis of the Hotel 's Market, Building, People and Financials, in a culture where they belong and are free to express what they have learned about themselves with the Ikigai Project and their collaborative experiences with other innovators.

     week 3



Market and Location Overview, Supply and Demand Fundamentals

Competitive Set Review & Brand or Franchise

Strategic Planning, USP Identification, Loyalty & Brand Value

week 6

Budgeting, Forecasting and P&L Understanding

Property Mgt System, Reservations and Booking Systems

Accounting & Business Intelligence, Reporting Systems

Owner & Management Company Expectations, Benchmarking, Goal Setting & Financial Literacy Training 

the future

Connect with Employer Partners and continue journey towards income security, job security and fully empowered stability and confidence to do what you love, what you;re great at, what the world needs and be ready to enjoy the rewards of your powerful and influential role in society.  The Mentorship relationship and connection to Hi3, is a support bridge built from rock solid trust and encouragement and it is forever.

final presentation


Online Class

Consultation & Contact

Please contact us if you are interested, curious or passionate about what we do!

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