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Hospitality Mentorship, Innovation & Leadership Camps

Unlocking Innovation, Fostering Leadership, Mentorship and Celebrating Community


Join us for four unforgettable days of exploration, collaboration, and personal growth at our Hospitality Innovation and Leadership Camps in 2024.


These immersive experiences are designed by our mentors and their powerful networks, to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and vision to lead the way in the dynamic world of hospitality.

What to Expect:

You will: Discover & Amplify Your life's professional purpose, Create something to own together, and Build unbreakable bonds, and Experience diversity of culture, backgrounds and knowledge.

Community Strengthening:

Each camp is meticulously planned during a period of slow demand for the local community. Our teams will work side by side with community members to help them prepare for their busy season. From reorganizing to training their staff, helping them to prepare the mountain trails, cleaning the beaches, even working with contractors to weatherize their HVAC units and plumbing systems or restripe their parking lots - everything is done to support our fellow hospitality owners and leaders. Our events and camps are anticipated by the communities because it is like having a team of volunteers descend upon them in the name of service, celebration, and support.

Unique Friendly Competition and Co-Judging:

Each camp concludes with a collaborative team project final presentation and pitch "un-competition." Teams present what they have created together. We also celebrate speaking engagements by our attendees, unique talent and storytelling events, where mentors and team members present their skills and concepts for a better future for future generations in hospitality. These presentations are "un-judged" by local business executives, chambers of commerce and economic development leaders, and family and friends of the community. It's all about sharing, learning, and growing together.

2024 Hospitality
Mentorship, Leadership & Innovation Camps

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