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How to Make a Difference

Once upon a time, a true story happened....


In 1997, there was an average of 4 "engaged" managers at each hotel in the United States. Those engaged managers "managed by walking around", searching for ways to improve, and identify threats to safety before they occur. They collaborated with their communities, navigated their teams through countless emergency situations, and kept hundreds of millions of guests safe, secure and satisfied every day.  Most importantly, because they were field leaders at property and front line service levels, they were a beacon of light, a powerful role model of responsibility, workplace culture influencers, and inspired creativity and respect with their service team members who became the leadership core of today.  That was then.

Solving a Problem

with People Like Us

doing Things Like This

Today, less than 1 manager per hotel is engaged, (3/4 of a person exactly), and it's still in decline.  


Despite our industry's best efforts, and many excellent, caring employers, guests are starting to speak up about the perpetual "staffing issues", creating a divisive attitude of price paid versus benefit/expectation; and the emerging workforce is not considering hotel management as a sustainable, rewarding career, the way it was in 1997.

Our research shows that an added cost of just $5,000 per person, we can forecast returning to the peak 1997 engagement levels will take 17 years, 2040.


Hi3 exists to shorten that time in half, for half the cost.  It can be done, with people like us.

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