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How Hi3 got Started

The Voice of Thousands

Hi3, born from the collective voice of countless hospitality managers, owners, leaders, mentors, and workers, embodies a shared vision and mission.  


Hi3 represents the aspirations of those who have worked, sweat and given their love to others for decades, and yearn for a brighter future within the vast American hospitality industry, encompassing 60,000 hotels, 600,000 restaurants, tourism and event venues, small communities, and attractions.

Adam Zembruski, who lived the industry and its challenges, began to seek solutions by asking better questions. Frustrated by the lack of meaningful change and the endless dialogue, he decided to reach out for assistance.


Together with his brother Matt Zembruski and a dedicated team of supporters (founding members), they have worked tirelessly, studied, researched, listened, documented and created a company, a platform, a rock solid bridge - to shape a new era in the massive hospitality industry.


Hi3 is a testament to the commitment to re-build an industry that thrives on experiences and lifelong relationships, and offers career and income security, ensures food & high quality of life security, and enhances lives for everyone it touches.

Join us in this collective effort to transform the hospitality landscape. Hi3 seeks to infuse a culture of service and honor into everyday hospitality, inviting the world to experience the beauty of American Hospitality and take pride in it.

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