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Hi3 offers various avenues for individuals and organizations to engage and make an impact, with membership being a primary means of participation. 

Our membership structure comprises four distinct areas:

The Mentors: These individuals are experienced leaders in the hospitality industry who guide and inspire the next generation. They play a pivotal role in shaping the future of hospitality.

The Community: This inclusive membership is open to all, including those facing barriers to employment. Members of this community gain access to valuable resources, mentorship, educational opportunities, and industry expertise, all at no cost.


The Enterprise - Small: Tailored for smaller hotel and hospitality management companies and owners, this membership tier is designed to help them find and develop top talent through our programs.


The Enterprise - Large: Larger organizations seeking to fill numerous roles in the hospitality sector can benefit from this membership. It offers access to a robust talent pipeline created through our programs, ensuring a steady supply of qualified individuals.








Grow Your Hospitality Enterprise
with Access to the Hi3 Talent Pipeline
Add Properties, Add Jobs 
become celebrated & branded.

We are the Hospitality Industry Impact Initiative, Inc. (Hi3), and are excited to outline the numerous benefits that await our Enterprise Members. Our organization is deeply committed to revitalizing the workforce in the hospitality sector, with a particular emphasis on individuals facing employment barriers and those from minority-identified populations and communities.

Here's a concise breakdown of the membership benefits:

1. Access to the exclusive Hi3 Mentorship Network: As an Enterprise Member of Hi3, you will gain access to our esteemed Hi3 Mentorship Network, which is led by our founding sponsors and charter members. This network comprises highly dedicated and accomplished leaders, each possessing decades of experience in team-building across various business sectors. Our mentors include entrepreneurs, small business owners, and seasoned leaders, many of whom have extensive involvement in the hospitality and hotel industry and can provide members with unlimited additional benefits.  
2. Access to Trained Candidates: Gain access to a pool of well-prepared and genuinely interested and motivated individuals ready to excel in the hospitality industry and beyond, in all disciplines from finance to human resources to operations, reducing your recruitment time and costs.
3. Demonstration of Balanced Stakeholder Interests and Corporate Social Responsibility: Showcase your commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and breaking down employment barriers in the hospitality sector by aligning with Hi3.  The Hi3 Membership Seal is a brand within itself for our members, and only available for annual members that fully commit to driving large scale engagement, adding jobs, embracing creative education and maximizing celebration in the hospitality sectors.
4. Networking Opportunities: Participate in forums, workshops, and events that connect you with industry professionals, fostering collaboration and valuable partnerships.
5. Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities: Elevate your brand's visibility and reputation by sponsoring events, programs, and initiatives that promote an inclusive and sustainable hospitality industry.
6. Valuable Industry Insights: Benefit from data-driven insights into the labor market and emerging skill needs in the hospitality sector through our research and development programs.
7. Influence Workforce Development: Actively shape the future of workforce development in hospitality by contributing input on training programs and best practices.
8. Tax Benefits: Enjoy tax deductions for your contributions, offering a tangible financial advantage.
9. Professional Development Opportunities: Access workshops, webinars, and conferences to stay updated with industry trends and best practices.
10. Personal Satisfaction: Experience the rewarding feeling of knowing your membership directly impacts lives and contributes to a more diverse and resilient hospitality industry.
11. Exclusive Content: Receive exclusive content, including newsletters and reports, offering insights into workforce development, education trends, and Hi3's significant impact.

By becoming an Enterprise Member of Hi3, you are not merely joining a membership; you are becoming an integral part of a transformative movement. This movement is dedicated to driving change, fostering hope, and unlocking the remarkable, optimized, and sustainable income-producing opportunities within the U.S. hospitality industry. We invite you to join us on this impactful journey.

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