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Welcome to the Hospitality Industry Impact Initiative, Inc. (Hi3), a pioneering 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to capacity building in the U.S. hospitality sector.


At Hi3, capacity building means enhancing the abilities of hospitality organizations and hotel employers to develop their workforce, optimize operations, and innovate in service delivery.


Elevating & Supporting Hospitality Together!
We're not just about training and strategies; we're a bridge connecting global hospitality companies with a people-first approach to local communities, driving local economic development.


This bridging has been ignored in recent years, leading to historically low employee engagement and retention rates.  A bridge is vital in an industry where corporate culture struggles to align with the diverse, local hotel property level and community culture. No matter where a corporate office is located, effective capacity building needs this strong, local connection — and that's where Hi3 steps in. We're building this bridge from the ground up, starting with the people in the field, laying a rock-solid foundation that will only grow stronger. Join us in our mission to make the U.S. hospitality industry a beacon of excellence and opportunity, where continuous learning and career development thrive within a vibrant, inclusive environment. 

Because hospitality "staffing issues" are a mindset, and will only improve with a change of leadership mindset, deep creative thinking, collaboration and mentorship to
pay attention and listen for answers, educate ourselves and activate solutions, with people like us, doing things like this. 

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